Pre-Order Campaign

Hi Readers! I’m so excited to share these THIS MORTAL COIL pre-order goodies with you!
You may not know this, but the best way you can help a book succeed is by pre-ordering it and encouraging others to do so. As a reward, I’m offering readers some free goodies that I’ll personally send to you if you email me a copy of your pre-order receipt! Sound good? The details are below. Here are some pre-order links if you need them!

What you’ll get

All readers who pre-order THIS MORTAL COIL in any format, will receive:

  • 1 signed THIS MORTAL COIL bookmark (two are pictured to show the front and back)
  • 1 numbered, signed, limited-print bookplate exclusive to this pre-order campaign
  • 2 colorful DNA Origami sheets so you can fold your own DNA models! (colors randomly selected)
  • A letter with exclusive insights and secrets about the world of THIS MORTAL COIL
  • A chance to win the grand prize pack & more mini-prizes through social media!

In addition, one person will receive a grand prize pack, which includes:

  • All the goodies listed above
  • Extra DNA Origami sheets in all colors
  • A signed, annotated ARC of THIS MORTAL COIL – with insights and background about the book, its characters and world, and my writing process
  • 1 awesome mirror rubik’s cube to adorn your shelf or steal your time (two are pictured to show how it looks completed and randomized)
  • The option to name one character in Book 2!!

There will also be mini-prizes announced between now and release on twitter, instagram and facebook – so be sure to keep an eye out!

What you need to do to get it

Okay, so that’s what you’ll get for pre-ordering. In order to get these goodies, you’ll need to:

  • Pre-Order THIS MORTAL COIL through your preferred retailer
  • Take a screenshot, photograph, or save a PDF of your receipt
  • Attach the proof of your receipt to an email and send it to emilysuvadaauthor [at] gmail [dot] com, along with your full mailing address, written as you would write it on an envelope!
  • Wait 2-4 weeks for your goodies! (International may take longer)

Supplies are limited to reasonable quantities, but I will do my best to make sure every pre-order receives these goodies! Check out the pictures of the awesome goodie packs below!

Pre-Order Goodie Pack – All Pre-Orders

Pre-Order Grand Prize Pack – One Randomly-Selected Winner