Encoded Messages

Create or decode a secret message!

Note for The Pigeon Poem

If you’re here to decode the pigeon poem, there are a few things to note:
1) Make sure the dropdown below says “gtca to text”
2) Make sure the text you’re copying in is a multiple of 8-digits (i.e. a tweet with 112 characters)
3) If you have a typo or paste in the wrong section of text, the decoding algorithm will probably fail!

Good luck, and happy decoding!

Encoding/Decoding Tool

Insert text below to see what it looks like encoded or decoded in DNA form. Entered text will be converted to binary, then into DNA base pairs. Use the form below to send an encrypted message to a friend!

Insert some text above to see what it looks like encrypted or decrypted!

Send your encoded message to a friend:

You've been sent an encoded message!

To find out what your message says, visit emilysuvada.com/extras/text-encryption. You can try to decode it yourself, too. For help on how to decode it on paper, or using javascript, check out the description of the algorithm here.

(Hint: the message is in binary, though it might not look like it at first!).

Here's the message: