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I use Google Docs and Sheets to write, and have made several tools I thought I’d share here. I’ll add to this page over time so check back in, or follow me on social media for updates when I’ve added something new.

Writing in Google Docs


A lot of writers end up working in Google Docs at some point. Docs is free, collaborative, backed up, and easy to share. It isn’t tailored for writing a novel, though, and my novel planning and drafting files often ended up messy and hard to navigate.

Thankfully, in 2022 Docs added “pageless” functionality, which added collapsible headings. These are a game changer for writing in Docs. The pageless format also lets you add images and tables which flow seamlessly without fiddly page breaks.

Below, I’ve linked to pageless templates for novel writing. This is a place to store outlines, notes, drafts, reference images, and various versions of scenes and chapters, and navigate between them all easily by using the collapsible headings.

These templates are free for personal use but you’re always welcome to tip!


Forest Themed Template

Floral Themed Template

City Themed Template

Google Sheets tools coming soon!

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